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Please check the list of eGroups below that we've assembled for your learning pleasure and skill-building & join the groups you wish to focus on and invest energy in over the next 1-3 months. Make a commitment to make your experience a rewarding one by adding something of value in your posts each & every time you post to the eGroups.  

Most of all, remember that these eGroups are where you & others are afforded an on-line community of a supportive and encouraging nature to learn and grow!  Thanks for your participation!!!

NLP, GS & NeuroTechnicsSM, etc. 
Announcement & Discussion List - 
Sports Performance Excellence!
NeuroTechnicsSM, NT Meta-HypnosisSM - Over 200 on list!
Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP Meta-CoachingSM
General Semantics Discussion

Thanks for participating in our groups.

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