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Mental-Emotional Exercise - We call it Neurocise!

Modeling, Training, Coaching & Consulting
Maximum Achievement Programs
Your MAP to Success!
Live Events & On-Line Learning!

With our Maximum Achievement Programs

You will LEARN how to:
Positively influence others.
Go First! MindFirst!
     Emanate productive & enjoyable communications & emotions...
     Because you can!
Enjoy your Life, Work & Play more fully and vivaciously.
     Come Alive!
Rid your self of unneeded & unwanted stresses so that you can relax like you haven’t in a long time.
     Virtually effort free!
Intentionally improve your emotions & align your attention with your intentions!
     Right now!
Optimize your mind & master how your run your own brain!
     Enhance your Performance & Increase Productivity!
Discover powerful, yet simple, ways to live life & work more fully… 
     By Design with Intention!

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"Every Human Achievement, be it a scientific discovery, a picture, a statue, a temple, a home or a bridge,
has to be conceived in the mind first - the plan thought out - before it can be made a reality..."  
Alfred Korzybski, Science & Sanity

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Our Mission:
Promote Personal & Professional Excellence & Success MindFirst!

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Services & Products are provided to:

*Individuals & Groups *Small to Large Companies *Sports Teams & Clubs   *Associations *Conferences *Special events

All MindFirstSM Modeling, Training, Coaching & Consulting Services are custom tailored, designed & delivered to meet your specific personal & professional Vision, Goals & Outcomes. Services are provided on-site or at a convenient location for you or your company.  We are even providing training talks and introductions On-Line for your employees convenience.  Team oriented trainings & Performance Coaching services are available upon request.  All trainings & services, include Performance Consulting to meet your performance & productivity demands. 

Professional audio recordings of trainings & events are provided at your request.
Group discounts are available for groups. Ask about our "Series Rates".

Your Trainer, ELVIS KEITH LESTER, MA, LMHC, NCC, MAC, NBCFCH, CHt, CNT is a Professional Trainer & Educator who will help you or your organization to breakthrough to the next & higher performance level. Through Accelerated and Integrative Learning methods you will integrate the required resources, strategies & skills & be the better for your learning, not just from a book or lecture, but from the "HEART of the MIND".  Our trainings are designed to assist you & your employees to higher levels of achievement so they can DO MORE, BETTER!

Call today to speak directly with a training consultant who will personally discuss your training needs in detail or set an appointment for a FREE consultation regarding how the MindFirst™ Trainings can be of tremendous benefit to you or your organization.

Take a look at our programs below!

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Maximize Performance MindFirstSM
Email: Elvis@learninstitute.com

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MindFirstSM Trainings are presented in 1/2 day, 1day or 1-4 day formats.  They can also be tailored by the hour to your company’s specific needs and outcomes. All Programs (or combinations of programs) can be held at your place of business and can be recorded (audio &/or video) for your continued learning.

Modeling Excellence & Achievement Mind Dynamics utilizing The MIND™ Module, Design Solution Modeling™
& the Design Engineering Excellence MindFirst™ Model

    The MindFirst
SM Modeling Series
     The heart of our programs.

Go First! MindFirst! Think-Feel-Do for Top Performance
     Learn how to "Run Your Brain" with more Passion, Presence, Power & Poise!

The MIND™ Module - Your Mind Works Perfectly Fine!
     Access Your Mind & Power Zone & Exercise Your Private & Public Powers!
        Thinking-Feeling & Speaking-Behaving Your Best.  Its just a Model. :)

Design Engineering Excellence MindFirstSM Model - DEEM It MindFirst!  
     Modeling Excellence MindFirst!  Live By Design. You Decide & You Design.
         Design Solution Modeling™ to Achieve Desired State & Well-Formed
             Outcomes MindFirst!
         What You Want & How To Make It Happen - MindFirst!

POWER UP Your Inner Executive - Go Straight to Your BOSS! 
     Know, Own & Do with Commitment States Of Excellence! 
         Empower your Inner Executive & Exercise your Executive Powers of Mind.  
         Access Commitment States of Excellence for High-Performance MindFirst.
         GO FOR IT!  Do More, Better! 

SAY YES to High-Performance MindFirst! 
Give Yourself Permission to be your best and Take Maximum Action!

   Mind-Life Balance Programs
  Achieve Maximum results with Peace of Mind & Balance in Life.  
Don’t just "Have it all", Enjoy it all too!

- Stress-Release & Rejuvenation Techniques - Re-Vitalize Self MindFirst!
Avoid Burn-Out & Learn how to " Neutralize" stress/pressure & Reset to Neutral.
Time-Peace - Get Extraordinary Results WITH Peace Of Mind Time Management.
Maximize Your Achievement by Managing your self & your "time" with Peace Of Mind.
Work-Peace - Bring Optimum Balance to bear upon Your Work-Life NOW!
Modeling Your Work Culture - Create a Workplace "Culture" to which your employees want to belong.  Don't just attempt to maintain your WorkForce. Help them Thrive!
Optimum Weight Now!, OWN - Achieve your Optimum weight and improve your health with the power of Hypnosis.
Stop Smoking Now!, SSN - Stop Smoking with the power of Hypnosis & NLP.

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Training & Skill Groups for Accelerated Learning, 
Leadership Excellence & Employee Development

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LEARN Institute, in cooperation with ExecuLearn®, offers small group trainings for Corporate Performance Improvement & Maximum Achievement. These groups are topic related & custom tailored to participants. Managers, Supervisors and Human Resource Professionals will find the ExecuSkills High-Performance Group Trainings to be an excellent employee development and resource tool. Through Consultation with managers/leaders, Coaching & skill-building exercises, employees make specific improvements in performance & enjoy the learning experience.  It's fun!

High-Performance Training & Coaching
Success States, Strategies & Skills for High-Performance

High-Performance MindFirst
SM – Success Mind Dynamics for Top Performance & Your Higher Powers of Mind.  Access Your Higher Powers of Mind. Great States, Strategies & Skills.
Power UP!  Get Into An Uptime State Of Mind  - Increase Sensory Acuity & Attention-Awareness Skills & Access Your Peak States of Excellence!  Mental-Emotional State Control & Your Working Genius.
Accessing States Of Excellence - Power Up to Peak States!
MindSets of Success - Refresh Your Frame by releasing non-productive or limiting frames of mind. Learn how to formulate "MindSets of Excellence" for High-Performance. Increase Productivity with Success MindSet at Work & Play for more Profit, Fun & Pleasure.
The Power Of Rapport - Power Rapport Skills for High-Level Persuasion & Advanced Relationship Dynamics.  
How you can get MindPeace, Time-Peace & Work-Peace - For Balance MindFirst!

Additional ExecuSkills Trainings:
Thinking-Patterns & Styles - Mental Filters and Frames that drive behavior. Meta-Programs
Focus & Align Your Attention with Your Highest Intentions - How you can achieve what you really want and the Energy/Action to make it happen. Your mind goes where your attention flows. 
Spiral Selling
SM & Service - InSpire Your Buyers & Customers MindFirst! Achievement Mind Dynamics for Persuasion & Influence
Service Excellence MindFirstSM – Servicing the your Customer MindFirst!
Communication Influence & Excellence - Align your Communication with your highest Intentions. Communicate By Design with Intention & Influence self & other for win/win relationships.
Coaching ExcellenceSM - Essential Team Leadership & Coaching Skills!  How to Motivate Self & Others for Peak Performance MindFirst!"
Conflict Resolution & Crisis Debriefing Sessions for Team Managers/Teams
NLP FREE Study GroupsReal-Skills For Living Excellence!

Other Course Topics
Perfecting (Employee) Performance MindFirst! 
PEP Talks at your workplace.  FREE of charge.  Call now to schedule.
Ferocious Public Speaking & Presenting MindFirst!
  Blow out any Fears Of Public Speaking & Presenting using NLP, M-S & N-S.  Present & Train with Great States, Strategies & Skills!
Attract Wealth MindFirst – Put on the ABUNDANCE Mentality & Self-Organize to attract wealth.
Coaching Excellence MindFirst! - Meta-Coaching
SM for Results

By now, we are quite confident that you must realize and recognize the many trainings we offer that apply directly to your employee's & your personal and professional success.  We welcome you to invite us to your place of business for a FREE introductory talk or FREE Consultation.  Then, you will be the judge as to whether what we have to offer is of enough value to you or your performers that you will have us back for an in-house training or coaching for your employees in the near future.  

Ask about our FREE PEP Talks & our ExecuSkills Study Groups held monthly at no charge available to you or your employees.  To directly schedule groups in-house or register employees for trainings contact Elvis Keith Lester at (813) 221-5466 at (813) 221-5466 or 1-877-546-6777.


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NeuroTechnics & NLP Study Groups
Provided to you by ExecuLearn®.

Provided to you by ExecuLearn®.


INFO Study Group Date/Time Cost
We are scheduling now for the
ExecuSkills™ & NLP FREE Study Groups.

Email Elvis@learninstitute.com  to reserve your place now.

Session 1 - Shifting & Mastering Perceptual Positions
Flex Your Powers of Mind

Take different & more productive perspectives to enhance success, teamwork, cooperation, collaboration, etc.

Shift to/through Perceptual Positions of Self, Other, Onlooker/Observer, System, Organization, etc. & Learn to 'Read' the Intentions, Emotions & Messages you (& others) send to self & other.
6:15 - 7:45 pm FREE

(First 4 weeks are at no charge. $25/session afterwards unless you have taken one of our courses.)

ExecuLearn® Studios
1503 E. 9th Ave. (Ybor City)
 Tampa, Florida

To Sign up for these Skills Groups just contact Elvis Keith Lester at 
1-877-MindFirst or 813-221-5466         
Email: Elvis@learninstitute.com

& NLP Study Groups
Provided to you by ExecuLearn®.

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