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The Ultimate Persuasion Mastery Immersion.
3 Day Immersion to add the highest level influence skills in demand today.

Dates TBA

Cost:  Early Registration -  $ 449


Advanced Persuasion Training

  Conversational Trance
        Classical & Advanced NLP & Hypnosis Techniques

   Framing for Personal & Professional Influence
Reframing, Pre-framing, De-framing, etc.

   Application to Sales & Service, Coaching & Personal/Professional Leadership

   The Best of:
       Meta-States, Meta-Programs, Meta-Frames & More
  Hypnotic Communication
  Propulsion Systems
  Spiral Influence & iVIBES™ Model


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1-877-MindFirst or 813-221-5466
Email: Elvis@learninstitute.com

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