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Dr. Richard Bandler & John La Valle recognized & designated
Elvis Lester in March 12, 2007, at the Society of NLP
Trainer’s Training (Orlando, Florida), as the
“First-Ever” Licensed NLP
Change Master™ (Society of NLP)
 for his exquisite work inspired by Dr. Richard Bandler’s work


In March 2008, they recognized Elvis as
Licensed Master Trainer of NLP™ in Hypnosis for Elvis'
exquisite skills utilizing and Teaching NLP & Hypnosis!


Masterful at NLP, NT, GS, Hypnosis & PsySkills!

Coach & Consult w/ Elvis     Mentoring w/ Elvis



Welcome to the LEARN Institute based out of Tampa, Florida. The models I have developed offer you some of the newest & most powerful Human Excellence Achievement Technologies (HEAT) on the planet today. We refer to them collectively as NeuroTechnics & HypnoTechnics

My intent is to empower & provide you tools to think-feel-behave more intentionally & experience more passion, presence, power, poise & pleasure at work & play.  It is my passion that we detail the modeling, training, coaching & consulting services & experiences to your specific needs & criteria so that you exceed in getting what you want & need, desire & dream of in life. I invite you right now to contact me to discuss & determine how I can personally be of service to you or your organization.  Until then!  
Elvis          Elvis@learninstitute.com

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How to Host A Training
With Elvis Keith Lester!
Interested in becoming a Consultant qualified to use the Identity Compass in your practice?
Want to be a trainer of the Identity Compass in the USA where you can train consultants yourself?
Contact me now at Elvis@execulearn.com for more information and your FREE IC assessment to get you started!

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CEU’s available for LMHC, LMFT, LCSW
DBPR - BAP #289 - 3/2009

"Expect the Effect!"

Deep emphasis on Hypnosis & Utilization of Trance for learning & integrating Skills & Abilities

  ExecuSkills Groups
Great opportunities to learn NLP & NT Skills & Technics.

1-877-MindFirst (Toll-free: USA/Canada) or 813-221-5466. 
Email: Elvis@learninstitute.com


NeuroTechnics puts it all together!SM

Best Operating States, Strategies, Skills & Systems!SM
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Get Ready for Learning, Persuasion & Performance Evolution!

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Do you ever feel like you're stuck in a box, boxed in, caught in a vicious, downward spiral 
or going 'round & round in circles' doing the same ole'-same ole', like life is a 
game you don't want to play, like you are living life out of a box,
(been Framed or stuck in a "neuro-semantic matrix"  :) ...

NOW, it is time to LEARN, to 'Step Out' & then "Step Into" the Identity
& supporting tools & techniques that are pre-requisites for you to be able to 
"Read & Set Your Own Mind",
 to Break-Free & psyengineer...

Neurocise™ YOUR brain to exceed your expectations & rise above to... 

Live life with more Passion, Presence, Pleasure, Power & Poise... 
Outside that box or "frame game" or "matrix" or downward spiral!

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