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National Certified & Licensed Mental Health Counselor, NCC
National Board Certified Fellow Clinical Hypnotherapy, NBCFCH
Master Addictions Counselor, MAC


receive online "Training In Excellence" with Elvis, Creator & Developer of NeuroTechnics™, Licensed Master Trainer & Master Practitioner in NLP & Qualified Teacher of Hypnosis. Our WebConferences and video-conferences  are 'highly' effective & an excellent way to obtain personal & tailored training and mentoring.

Elvis Keith Lester hosts Trainings, free talks/chats as well as individual & Group training for fun & profit via telephone and in-person.  We invite you to "Take Action NOW" & seize the opportunity to participate in Success Conditioning in a secure & safe environment.  Its works!  

To schedule a coaching session contact Elvis Keith Lester by phone at 1-877-MindFirst or 813-221-5466.  He will personally discuss your specific needs, the program, the cost and answer any question you may have regarding how online learning can maximize achievement for you both personally and professionally.

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