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Training To Enrich Your Relationship(s)

The Enhance My Romance, EMR, program created & designed by Elvis Keith Lester, MA, LMHC, NCC, MAC, Mental Health Counselor & Professional Trainer at LEARN Institute, will help you to access the resources, strategies & skills to enrich your life AND your relationships, many times over! 

Just for a few moments stop & think just how wonderful it would be, to run your brain much more elegantly with the most powerful & advanced success resources, strategies & skills known to mankind, getting accelerated results in your relationship(s) & life feeling excitement, peace of mind, calm, enthusiasm & many more pleasurable sensations, as often as you’d like. 

Wouldn’t it be truly wonderful, if you could (and you can) call upon your own mind to do just the right mix, blend of mental-emotional states or solutions when you need them most.  Instead of using what you know & what you’re used to that really hasn’t worked for you as well as you'd like DESIGN ENGINEER into your mind & life what it takes to live your life at the next and higher level. 

Just how much better would your life & your relationship be right now?!

Through the integration & use of the EMR Exercises, the MIND™ Module, the DEEM™ Model & Design Solution Modeling™, along with Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP, Meta-States, Neuro-Semantics & the power of Self-Hypnosis, you can design your life & your relationship for the better. Much better!

You will call upon your many resources & most productive values, beliefs, emotions & behaviors in order to live your life to the fullest!! You just have to believe & you’ll begin to receive even more than you have thought possible.

Ask yourself, is my mind or my relationship ever filled with the clutter, chatter or clatter of unpleasant thoughts, beliefs, images, emotions, feelings or behaviors that move me away from what is most pleasing and satisfying to me in my life?  Or, am I moving towards the pleasures in life I find most attractive, propelled by productive beliefs, emotions, behaviors, resources, strategies and skills?  Don’t live your life with this "Conscious Crap" in your mind. Don’t allow yourself to be limited or blocked from getting what you really do want! You can do better than this, for you have the most powerful instrument in the world to work & play with to support you, your MIND.

People spend so much time and money designing their homes, choosing just the right automobile or working in their offices getting things caught up or just right. Yet, they don’t spend much time at all learning how to run their BRAIN or focusing inwardly on the experiences they have during their days or on things that can bring them consistent happiness and satisfaction in their lives & in their relationships.

Think about it!  How much time do you spend each week, on a good day, organizing your experience of life, your time during the day or what experiences you have in your relationships? I have a hunch, and proven experience in working with people, that it does not amount to as much of an investment as you could be making in your life, your relationships & your self.

Use the Enhance My Romance Exercises program and exercises and you will experience just how easy it is to design & optimize your relationships and allow your self to open up new possibilities & discover your true love potential.  Remember, your mind works faster than you think, so, you must get a little ahead of it by learning to be more conscious, sort things out towards centering your self and aligning your systems on the inside towards what you want. YES!  You can get more of the results you desire in a way that creates consistent satisfaction in your love-life & relationships. It’s not a quick fix but a lifelong pursuit you’ll be glad you made.

Just Imagine having the feeling that what you want is within your reach, that anything you set your mind to seems to happen and be added unto your life. How would your life be changed and improved, no longer affected by past negative experiences of fear, doubt, anger, guilt, hurt, sadness or shame? Of what benefit would it be if you could free yourself of limiting behaviors, doubts, beliefs, emotions and disabling thought patterns and memories? How would your relationships and personal happiness be enhanced? Imagine learning powerful and simple techniques to help you alleviate limiting decisions, compulsions & behaviors and break through to successful living. You may question... 


How is this accomplished?  By identifying your issues, complaints, problems or unmet needs as well as your wants & desires, abilities & strengths you move in the direction & sequence of creating & generating the results you so desire. Along the way you’ll appreciate the gains you make, all the time releasing the negatives or... the "not so good" & reorienting towards what it is that you want.

YES, at LEARN Institute, we surely emphasize what works well & how to go forward... lifeward, getting things to happen for you, your self & the ones you love! We welcome you to make the journey to what we call "Solution Land", living as you will, with abundance, love, appreciation, gratitude & more.

For information regarding Relationship Coaching & Counseling or a personal consultation contact:  Elvis Keith Lester, (813) 221-5466 or 1-877-546-6777.


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About the EMR Exercises

I know as well as you do, that a lot of the time people just don’t do what they need to do to be happy in relationships. They get comfortable, sometimes just because they have a relationship, & they stop taking action & having fun, living fully. Then, they start to wonder if they’re happy or satisfied or if their relationship or love-life is what they really want it to be. In the meantime, they know deep in their mind, & in their gut, that something could be done or that they could do something about the issues or conditions that are causing them to question their own lovability, their love of their mate or the relationship itself.

These exercises are designed to alter this pattern of inaction or nonproductive action & to provide you with the resources, strategies & the skills to get the love you do want & to have the relationship of your dreams. Yes, they are very simple & they are common. But, when you do them you will see results of a not so common kind. Take action & then you will be able to truly evaluate whether your relationship can be as satisfying as you want it to be. Without a vision, a plan of action & taking action to get what you want, you really can’t even evaluate a relationship. Take Action NOW! Work the Success Formula & the Solution Sequence! Build your Vision of Success & unfold the Sequence of Success!

You will be glad you did!

About Your Counselor/Trainer:
Elvis Keith Lester, MA, LMHC, NCC, MAC, NBCCH, CHt, CPT is President & founder of Life Enrichment And Resource Network, LEARN USA & ExecuLearn®. He is a Nationally Certified, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Master Addictions Counselor, Clinically Certified Hypnotherapist, Licensed Master Trainer of NLP in Hypnosis, Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP & a Qualified Teacher of Hypnosis. Elvis has extensive experience spanning 15 years in working with thousands of individuals, families, couples & companies, as well as, organizations offering quality Counseling, Education and Training. He maintains a successful private practice in coaching, psychotherapy, as well as hypnotherapy & provides & promotes Trainings Internationally. His stimulating & humorous presentation & advanced training skills along with his compassion & enthusiasm enable him to offer a variety of excellent life-change & enrichment programs. You will want to experience & preserve the learning you most definitely deserve & go beyond what you thought possible!

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