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President/Owner LEARN Institute


Corporate Modeler, Trainer & Consultant
Maximum Achievement & Peak Performance Coach


Certified Performance Technologist, CPT
Licensed Advanced Master Trainer of NeuroTechnics
SM, International Society of NeuroTechnics (ISNT)
"First-Ever" Licensed NLP Change Master™, Society of NLP
Certified Master Practitioner & Licensed Maser Trainer of NLP in Hypnosis, Society of NLP
Certified Design Human Engineering Specialist, Society of NLP
National Certified Counselor, NCC & Master Addictions Counselor, MAC
National Board Certified Fellow in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NBCFCH
Qualified Teacher Of Hypnosis, State Of Florida
Licensed Mental Health Counselor, LMHC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (ACHE), CHt

Elvis Keith Lester, President & Founder of Life Enrichment And Resource Network USA, LEARN USA, LEARN Institute, & ExecuLearn®.  Elvis is an Internationally renowned trainer, Certified Master Practitioner & Licensed Trainer of NLP & Advanced Master Trainer & Creator of NeuroTechnicsSM. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Counseling from the University of South Florida & a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Florida. 

Elvis Keith Lester operates a tremendously successful private practice in coaching, psychotherapy & hypnotherapy while providing & promoting LEARN Institute & ExecuLearn® Trainings to an international audience of students and corporations.  Elvis
also operates the LEARN USA Webstore & MindFirst
SM Studios, where he produces Audio-Tape Programs & Audio-Books, Practice Building Products & Personal & Professional Training Videos & Programs.   He provides Executive & Healthcare Recruiting Services through his Executive Recruiting company, ExecuSearch USA.

Elvis has invested over 20 years studying human behavior & experience mastering the strategies & skills of Optimum Performance, Success Conditioning, General Semantics (Human-Engineering), NLP, Meta-Cognition, Meta-Representation & Hypnosis. He has modeled & studied with the best trainers & master therapists known around the world for mastery of GS, NLP, Hypnosis & Strategic Therapy/Coaching.

His extensive training & experience working with thousands of individuals, couples, families, companies & organizations has culminated in the creation & development of highly successful & effective Training & Executive/Employee Development programs, products & services offered to you on our LEARN USA WebStore, at the LEARN Institute & ExecuLearn®For more detailed information on "Trainings in Excellence" and Coaching/Therapy Services please feel free to contact Elvis by email at Elvis@learninstitute.com .  Phone:  1-877-MindFirst or (813) 221-5466.


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